Il territorio del fiume Piave e dei vini Terio Treviso


At 220km long, the Piave river is the fifth longest river in Italy. Deep in the Carnian Alps, in the region of Belluno, the source of the Piave can be located at Monte Peralba, 2,037m above sea level. From here, water begins its journey down the Piave which meanders its way through the alps and across the plains of the Veneto region, until it reaches the Adriatic Sea at the port of Cortellazzo, northeast of Venice.

The Piave

Il suolo di produzione dei vini DOC di Terio Le Uve Treviso

The Soil

The Piave river distributed sediments that created an alluvial plain consisting of sand, silt, and clay, with rocks and pebbles scattered throughout. When exposed to climatic phenomena, these rocks release minerals into the soil, which, when combined with the other aspects of the soil, create a free draining, yet fertile soil, suitable for viticulture. The roots of the vines grow deep into this complex soil where they are protected and well nourished.
In the Breda di Piave and Maserada sul Piave areas, a widespread phenomenon called “risorgiva” takes place. This is when groundwater encounters low-permeability sediments, which allows the water to rise to the surface.

The Soil

Le uve DOC di Terio Le Uve Treviso

The D.O.C.

The company is located inside 3 Denominazione di Origine Controllata: Doc Prosecco Treviso, Doc Venezia, Doc Piave.

The D.O.C.


Treviso, the capital of the region, is also known as`` Marca Trevigiana gioiosa et amorosa”. The historic centre of the city is characterised by watercourses consisting of canals and small ditches, along with typical features such as squares, churches, historic palaces and meeting and cultural exchange centres. There are is an array of sixteenth-century monuments and walls, among which, is the “Fountain of the Tits”, a statue upon which wine used to be poured.

This ancient, medieval city is characterised by its hillside position, atop of which there is a beautiful tenth century castle which overlooks the city. The city is on two levels, with the upper level being dominated by the square, Cima, which is home of the historical game of chess known as “Dama Castellana”, in which, real people are used as the pieces. Conegliano is also the base for the “Prosecco road” and when combined with the regions history and events, provide an excellent itinerary for tourists and wine lovers.

Famous throughout the world for its location and beauty, the city of lovers has more to it than just a romantic boat ride through the canals. Here, lovers of food, wine and art will also find something to wet their appetite. The city is truly as open-air museum, with a plethora of different styles of churches and palaces, from Byzantine to Romanesque and Gothic to Renaissance, it has something to catch the eye of even the most basic of architectural enthusiasts. Cruising the streets in a gondola is the best way to catch a glimpse of this breathtakingly beautiful city.
118 islets surround Venice in a district known as Sestieri, most famous of these islets being Canareggio, Santa Croce and Burano, also famous for its amazing glass creations.

The Cities

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